Chub Cay

  Working on the Blog.. lol This water is just amazing!! Our home for a few days Learning how to rig a leader with island runner 😀 Eyes on birds.. Eyes on birdsRead more

Exploring the Exumas

Working on the Blog Bahamian Style.. Our home for a few days.. My FISH! He won’t get out of the water #fishlife let’s see if they have an Ecuadorian flag… ohhh it’s sooo small.. hahaha         Someone has to go on a diet when they go home…Read more

Cape Eleuthera to Staniel Cay

Making our way to Staniel Cay for 4th July. We arrived at Cape Eleuthera South end of Eleuthera. About a 1h30 to 2hours cruise from Harbour Island. We had to use a guide to help us get out of Harbour Island, since it’s a little tricky and you don’t want to hit bottom and damage or get stuck the boat. Our guide wasn’t too impressed by our digital maps. He still appraciates a good paper map. Matching Shirts! 😛 ThisRead more