Bad Storm…Mackey’s first day!

Bad storm on our way to pick up our friends the Mackeys. We had two couples flying into Marsh Harbor, a 20 min boat ride from Hopetown. Unfortunately, the storms were bad and there was no power at the airport. The other couple was sent back to Florida. Luckily, the Mackeys were able to land safely and we were able to pick them up.

Watershot Camera

Watershot Camera

They Made it!!!


Snorkeling time behind Wyannies!

Watershot Camera

Watershot Camera

Watershot CameraWatershot CameraWatershot Camera

Watershot Camera

1 response to Bad Storm…Mackey’s first day!

  1. Steve says:

    Great pics and awesome time. Thanks for having us and thanks for having autopilot and a chart plotter on that boat of yours. Really takes the stress out of driving the boat. It actually takes all the driving out whatsoever. Haha. Enjoy the rest of your summer moon. I just got that btw. Had no idea what it meant.

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